Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Playground

Two entries in three days??? Why, yes!!

I had to show these pictures I took at the playground yesterday. It was the kind of day my ma would call "bluebird", and which I would call "abso-freakin-lutely fan-f#&@ing-tastic". The sky, the sky, oh my god. That's probably why the pictures feature the sky so prominently. And I have discovered that if I want decent pictures of the boy, I can't say, "Hey, Gavin! Smile!" This usually resorts in a look of glum impatience. It's much better to give him something to do, take a gazillion pictures, and hope for the best. So here's the best.

Gavin in the Sky

Swinging Boy

Rocket Boy

And don't think I forgot the girl. Although her favorite thing is to be held while I am pushing the boy on the swing, which resorts in much giggling, she also enjoys the swing herself.

Vala Swings

Oh, and did you know she has two teeth?

New Teeth

Yeah I can't believe it either. She's sitting up, too. Six months old already. I swear, babyhood flies by so quickly, I almost can't believe she was ever a little swimmer in the dark, the secret passenger, that silent witness to my heartbeat. And I admit, sometimes my heart gets a little lonely in there.

My bladder's damn glad to have his room back, though.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i heart autumn

i heart autumn
So we actually managed to go on a hike with the Kiddlins this weekend, and found some fall color.

And I also managed to take pictures of the girl in the adorable sweater and hat Sherry made for her. At first she was not amused...
Serious Vala

But she grew to like it.
Not So Serious Vala

I am appreciating having a photo subject who will actually sit still. Gavin, on the other hand, moves constantly, so photos in which he is smiling and not fuzzy are few. So here's a fuzzy smiling one.
Smiley Boy, fuzzy of course

I will refrain from posting a non smiling pic, but believe me when I tell you, that boy can bring on the morose.

Well, not feeling terribly creative today, so that will have to content you. Now get off that computer and go play in the leaves.
Gavin in the Background