Wednesday, March 19, 2008


kitchen crocuses
These crocuses are not in my yard. They are on my kitchen counter. I am desperate for some spring color, so a recent trip to the grocery store left me clutching a little pot of crocuses and some cut tulips. And don't they just say "Spring" to you?
spring kitchen
Well, certainly more than this short photo essay about Vala's experience in our backyard this weekend.

"Hmmmmmm, what's this?"
Hmmmmm, what's this?

Could it be...tasty?"
Could it be...tasty?

"I believe it is!"
I believe it is!

"Just...a little...more...."
Just...a little...more...

And one more photo essay, for those of you wondering if Vala is indeed walking....

Walking Vala 1
Walking Vala 2
Walking Vala 3

The answer would be "Oh, yes." You have to imagine her gleeful squealing as she runs toward me. Yes, "runs" is a more apt description at this point.

One final "Up Yours" to winter....

Tulips on Fire

(and these are Canadian tulips, by the way. It's spring somewhere up here!)